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Fully On-Chain Gaming
Layer-2 Gaming Blockchain based on Optimism Rollup and NEAR Data Availability by Web3Games.com
What is W3Gamez Network
W3Gamez Network is a Layer-2 Optimistic Rollup blockchain, designed specifically for gaming by Web3Games.com, leveraging OP Stack for its foundation and ensuring data availability through NEAR.

It provides developers with a cost-effective platform to launch their on-chain games and offers abstracted wallet management for users. W3Gamez Network envisions a future where trust and transparency rule the gaming landscape. We're building a fully decentralized ecosystem powered by robust blockchain security, where everyone plays fair and owns their experience.
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Data Availability
Devnet is Live now
W3Gamez Network Devnet is live on since 22nd January 2024.
We welcome developers to deploy fully onchain games and applications on Devnet and we fully support developers with $W3G grants.
What makes W3Gamez Network unique?
Super Cost-Effective Network
The chain is built on OP Stack with data availability on NEAR, with transaction cost 85000x cheaper than Ethereum.
Tailored Contract Functionality
Smart contracts tailored for gaming applications with abstracted wallet delegation system are provided.
Ready-Built Infrastructure
Web3Games.com's established tools will be all migrated to accelerating ecosystem setup, boosting the chain setup.
$W3G Token Utility
W3Gamez Network Token ($W3G) serves as the native utility token of the W3Gamez Blockchain Network, powering its ecosystem and empowering its users.
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Gas Fee
$W3G serves as the primary currency for gas fees on the W3Gamez network, enabling users to execute transactions and interact with smart contracts within fully on-chain games.
By staking $W3G tokens and meeting the established eligibility criteria, holders have the opportunity to earn passive rewards from this pool.
$W3G grants its holders voting rights within the network ecosystem, allowing them to participate in on-chain governance proposals that shape the network's future development and direction.
Backed by Industry Leaders
Web3Games.com and W3Gamez Network have garnered the support of esteemed crypto investors, securing a $4 million USD investment in 2022-2023. This strong backing demonstrates the confidence placed in our vision of transforming gaming through blockchain technology. With this momentum, we are committed to delivering an exceptional crypto gaming experience.